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Every one has a dream to become big in life or to build some enterprise but despite necessary resource they can't realize their dream due to lack of basic information on infrastructure . And this where the company with its pool of professionals chip in to provide assistance to accomplish your dream or to grow your Business. We offer project consultancy in following areas.

  • Project Identification
  • Project Profiles
  • Project Reports
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Market Survey Reports
  • Industrial Projects
Project Identification

Before starting any small or mega projects an individual or company requires a holistic report about the pros and cons relating to the project. And getting that initial report is not an easy job as it need people with an in-depth knowledge to come up with the report. At Global Tech Solution, the company provides the best think tank from various fields to give you project identification report so that your hit the target.

Project Profiles

Global Tech Solution has a team of professionals with years of experience in making project profiles. Their expertise helps in covering all the minute details about the project profiles, which makes your project profiles distinct from others.

Project Reports

Basically before kicking off any project, one needs to furnish the project report to party who have assigned the job with covering all the details about the way the project will be approached. And this where people need experienced engineers and designers to prepare the projects reports. Global Tech Solution with its team of qualified engineers and designers make your work much easy.

Feasibility Reports

When you are not prepared for the task ahead then your are bound to come across many problems which will slow down your operation speed resulting into major productivity loss. So the team at Global Tech Solution provides with a feasibility report that contains all those hurdles which may come in your way with scores of solutions.

Detailed project reports

Detailed Project Report is prepared to give project idea and make assessment of market potential, technical capabilities needed along with project capacity, & staff requirements. Detailed Project Report contains Introduction, Brief History Of the Product, Properties, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Specifications & Requirements, Uses & Applications, Present Market Position, Expected Future Demand, Names and Addresses of Existing Units (Present Manufactures), List of Plant & Machineries, Miscellaneous Items and Accessories, Instruments, Laboratory Equipments and Accessories, Plant Location, Electrification, Electric Load and Water, Maintenance, Suppliers/Manufacturers of Plant and Machineries, Detailed Process of Manufacture, Flow Sheet Diagram, Production Schedule, List of Raw Materials, Properties of Raw Materials, Availability of Raw Materials, Required Quality of Raw Materials, Cost/Rates of Raw Materials, Requirement of Staff & Labour, Personnel Management, Skilled & Unskilled Labour, Requirement of Land Area, Rates of the Land, Built up Area, Construction Schedule, Plant Layout, Cost of Raw Materials, Cost of Land & Building, Cost of Plant & Machineries, Fixed Capital Investment, Working Capital, Project Cost, Capital Formation, Cost of Production, Profitability Analysis, Break Even Point, Cash Flow Statement for 5 to 10 Years, Depreciation Chart, Conclusion, Projected Balance Sheet, Land Man Ratio etc. etc. Detailed Project Report is prepared for new projects, expansion and best suited for project funding from institutions and banks.

Market Research - Market Survey Reports

The company provides a deep insight into the nature of market, its fluctuations in mood, consumer behavior and many other minute details through its detailed analyses which are covered in the Market Survey Reports . This spare you from the little mistakes which can cost much. Market Survey Reports elucidate the present market potential as well as future prospects of the product. To explore the Market potentiality of the product it is necessary to conduct a market survey, so that one can decide either he should venture in to the production of said product or not. Team of Global Tech Solution market Research cell is fully capable to conduct a market survey on any product on the requirement of the client, which may be regional, state wise, national or international. The market survey study conducted by Global Tech Solution covers Introduction, Industrial Structure, Performance of Industry, Installed Capacity, Present Manufacturers & Their Capacities, Prices Prevailing in the Market, Present Consumers with There Consumption Pattern, Dealers Network Whether Exist or Not, Assessment of Demand, Apparent Consumption, Supply, Demand and Supply Gap, Trend in the Increase of Demand, Expected Increase over Five Years, Seasonal Effect in the Market if Any, Location etc. etc.

Industrial Projects

The company helps you in laying industrial projects successfully through its invaluable expertise. The company gives consultancy on many aspects of set-up like where to establish availability of various resources in the area, hurdles which have to be crossed and many other aspects.

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