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Building your Business online
The Internet has opened up many new opportunities for small Business owners. It allows you to set up an electronic storefront that becomes your distribution channel while fostering your growth. This storefront can attract new customers, build your brand, and sell more products to existing customers, while offering service and support that instantly gratify your clients.

Does eMarketing differ from traditional marketing?
While the fundamental principles of traditional marketing still apply to E-marketing, the power of E-marketing stems from some of its unique advantages. To reach the customers you need to reach, you need more than a good product and fire in your gut. You need strategy. Creating an effective strategy requires research, planning, analysis, experience, and a thorough knowledge of the online industry... an expert perspective.

Why eMarketing?
With rapidly emerging technologies storming the world, Companies will need a facelift to stay ahead of competition. Global recognition becomes imperative in-order to promote any company's products and services. Today, More than 100 million people across the globe connect to Internet and the traffic is estimated to double every hundred days. So, the most effective medium for establishing global visibility and accessibility for a company is the Internet.

Internet has spread its wings to emerge as an all-compassing , powerful media that serves as a channel for communications, transactions, and distribution.. Consumers can obtain functional information, make intelligent choices, and even make payments through the Internet. No other medium can accomplish these functions instantly, without resorting to other methodologies.

The Internet is interactive by nature. Users can initiate a process by visiting a website and then clicking on hyper-linked text for more information. Internet technology renders personal and tailor made 2-way interaction possible by asking users what kind of information they want to receive and automating the process of preparing and delivering customized messages. The promises of database marketing and one-to-one marketing have become realities today.

It has the capacity for multimedia content in the form of text, graphics, audio and video content. The multimedia nature of the Internet makes it very suitable for high-impact branding. Today, the Internet has become an integral part of the branding mix for many advertisers

eMarketing strategies harness the power of the Internet to do effective, affordable and successful marketing for Business promotion.

Our eMarketing service packages are designed to assist companies in promoting brand identities through integrated planning, designing, marketing and extensive in-depth analysis. we establish customer value through the innovative applied knowledge of the Internet, the Business environment and customer behavior, eventually creating and implementing e-Marketing programs and strategies that define and communicate the client's brand.

We also provide information and insight to improve the planning, testing and evaluation of the client's marketing efforts. Impexdata.com plans, negotiates and optimizes the most effective environment for communicating the value of client's online initiatives

We are in Business to help clients achieve specific Business outcomes. We’ll assign the right mix of professionals (strategy, design, technology) to achieve your goals. We’ll listen carefully and help you identify the right strategies.

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