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Payroll can be challenging activity for any Business in the competitive market. Payroll is the sum of financial record of salaries, wages, bonus, deductions etc. Global Payroll is new web based software which is going to reduce all time consuming work.
The core object of payroll is to cover the needs and discuss the possible solutions that are in need for the Businesses. So our aim is to create salary slip and calculations, standardized report maintenance and lot more. We provide you the following benefits………….
 Frees up the time so that you can focus on managing your Business
 Legislation requirement are looked by us.
 No need of a computer or any costly software
 You can access concise management report, so you always know what happening with your  payroll.
Global payroll’s main aim is that people get paid accurately. Our team of professionals are having the deep knowledge about this field. So we draw our strength from our committed team of our professionals.

Global Payroll is one of the powerful and flexible payroll solutions. It helps you to take the greater advantage of online payroll. Payroll is a necessary evil for every Business and due to which the online payroll system has become lot more relief. Global Payroll has made a suitable solution for most types of employers, small and medium Businesses with the latest government legislation's. To manage the payroll it is time consuming and burdensome, so an easy software which allows payment of salaries and statutory deductions that define by the Business are enrolled in our payroll package.

Global Payroll core object is to cover the needs of Business that is the people may get paid accurately. Our dedicated team of professional is having the deep knowledge of payroll that can relieve the burden by providing a confidential payroll services. Our service may include:

Customized reports to meet the exact requirement of organization.
Calculation of PAYE, national insurance and other Statutory Payments
Provides complete processing of leavers
Tax regime changes instantly updates on our web sites
Supports COMP, COSR, AVC and Stakeholder Pension Schemes
Supports weekly, monthly, yearly and quarterly calculations

Our teams of professional are offering a flexible friendly service tailoring to your requirements. We have a sustainable environmental and social responsibility policy.

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